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Home ~ water/hypno Birth


Stuart Hart - Supported Birth  ~ WORTHING

"Nicola was a calming influence for both me and my wife, both before and during the birth. Nicola needed no prompting for cold flannels, timely strokes and relaxing words of encouragement. A brilliant addition to our birthing team. Thank you so much and I will be recommending!"
Stuart Hart

Birth doula Postnatal visit 


Claire Hart - Supported Birth ~ WORTHING

"I would like to thank you Nicola for helping me achieve the birthing experience that I wanted. Your support before and during the birth was amazing. You helped with our hypnobirthing techniques, and gave support in ways that were calming, empathetic, kind and needed! I doubt we would have achieved such a calm and beautiful birth without you."
Claire Hart

Home & Hospital ~ water/hypno birth


Shelley Will & Steve MacDonald - Supported Birth ~ HOVE

"I hadn’t realised until yesterday I had arrived nearly fully dilated so on behalf of Steve and I, I do think we owe the entire calm home bit to you. It was so much more placid and a much better environment so if any of your future clients want testament to that then they should call me. I would recommend other women to have a doula". Thank you for your support xxxxx  Shelley Will

Steve MacDonald - father

"I found having a doula helpful during labour at home & at the hospital as Nicola was able to keep me posted on progress and stages". Steve MacDonald

Hospital ~ Natural Birth


Veleska Gomez - Supported Birth ~ WORTHING

"Having a doula's support and help at the birth was incredible, I could not have done it without her. Nicola's knowledge, patience and understanding were invaluable. At a time when I felt out of control and vunerable Nicola was able to effectively communicate my birth wishes to the midwives. She was there throughout the whole process and her support with my baby afterwards enabled me to relax and take in what a miracle the whole experience was. I have no regrets and only have peace of mind that she was there". Valeska Gomez 



Valeska - Just Hours After Baby Gomez Was Born

The benefits of a natural birth.....

"Having a natural labour and birth gave me the opportunity to bond immediately with my baby. It made such a difference as she was able to breast feed straight away and I was able to have skin to skin contact immediately. I was also able to recover very quickly which enabled me to feel more in control and able to deal with my toddler who was waiting for me at home". Valeska Gomez

Hospital ~ Natural Birth


Katrina & Rob - Supported Birth ~ BRIGHTON 

 " Our baby surprised us all by arriving almost 4 weeks early, on the day we were due to have our first antenatal meeting with Nicola! I was working in London but headed home at lunchtime after feeling a bit unwell, then on the train started to suspect that this was more than a tummy bug! It was a real comfort to have Nicola to consult about my symptoms and to ask for advice. She suggested I call the midwives at the Royal Sussex County Hospital where I was booked in, who in turn advised me to come in to be checked over. It was very fortunate that I did as the labour progressed very quickly and our baby was born 40 minutes after arriving at hospital! Despite her other commitments, and having attended another birth in the early hours of that morning, Nicola dropped everything and rushed to be with us, arriving in time to see the birth of our beautiful baby boy and to take some precious photos of our happy family. Thank you Nicola!"  Kartina xx

Home ~ natural/water Birth


Lizzie & Iain ~ Supported Birth  ~  SHOREHAM-BY-SEA   

"Nicola's presence gave me confidence in my ability to cope with my contractions and she worked well with my husband in helping relief pain using pressure points.  Her being there allowed my husband to feel OK about being with our other son who'd woken straight after the birth. She also worked really well alongside the midwife team, making my homebirth experience a really positive one." Lizzie Tindall

Iain Tindall - Father

"Nicola was very professional, calm and knowledgable and I felt confident under her guidance". Iain Tindall

Home ~ water/hypnobirth


Samreen and Rob's ~ Supported Birth ~  BRIGHTON

 "I first looked into hiring a doula when Rob and I completed a Hypnobirthing course and decided on a home birth. Rob was away when I first met Nicola and he asked me to just trust my instincts ~ I did and I asked Nicola to be our doula at the end of our fist meeting! Nicola had a complete understanding of the hypnobirthing techniques as well as other techniques that she taught us during our 2x antenatal visits. She gave us the confidence that we could achieve the birth we hoped for ~ Solomon-Luis was born after a long labour, but I can honestly say that I felt completely at ease, trusted her judgement and felt fully supported by her". Samreen x

Rob ~ Father

"Nicola gave me the opportunity to take much needed respites so that I was able to be with Samreen as much as possible. We fully recommend Nicola and will definately be asking for her help again when we decide to make Solomon a big brother"! Rob Faria

Hospital ~ Water/Hypno Birth


Jo and Will Morey ~ Supported Hypnobirth Antenatally ~ Cowfold

"Our little baby Morey was (finally!!) born into the world on Tuesday morning at 9.55am. Jackson Hunter Vaughan Morey weighed in at 8lbs 7oz (bigger than we were expecting!!)

We had a wonderful birth experience. Luckily the pessary worked quickly and I was able to have it out within a few hours. Then everything went right back to plan and we were able to use the pool. The hypnobirthing was amazing. I used visualisations all the way through and the oxytocin saw me through. Completely forgot to ask for gas and air! 
We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help in the run up to the final event! We're so ecstatic with our new boy". Jo & Will Morey

Hospital  ~ Cholestasis Induced Birth 


 Aurelia and Alex  ~ Supported Birth ~ Chichester Hospital

"With our first daughter we didn't have a Doula and unfortunately I'd developed Obstetric Cholestasis and therefore I had to be induced early as it can lead to complications with the baby. Once admitted to hospital we felt completely alone during this whole process and not only was the hospital short staffed but as it was my first baby obviously I was very apprehensive and very worried.

The birth of my second daughter was completely different as although I developed Obstetric Cholestasis again, we'd hired Nicola and put together a full action plan and I was fully prepared to have my second baby delivered at 38 weeks. Despite being Induced we were able to have a very natural birth all thanks to Nicola, I only wish we'd known about Niocla and how amazing Doulas are when I was having our first baby! Truly the best decision Alex and I could ever have made. Thanks again for being an amazing doula". Aurelia Craddock. 


My Doula Parents!......

Above are some testimonials and photos from parents I have supported. I have supported additional parents through Birth, Antenatal, Hypnotherapy and Postnatal support and all of my parents are happy to be contacted if you would like further information from them. Nicola xx

An Email I Received After The First Visit -

Hi Nicola,

Thank-you for coming over this morning - was lovely to meet you too.

Stuart and I feel very lucky to have your support for the birth - you have a very calm manner which will be much appreciated!  The way that we've met you at the 11th hour, and just before my mum heads home, I feel that you're my 'fairy birthmother' : )

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